Singita Faru Faru lodge

Project Details

  • City: Tanzania
  • Year: 2019
  • Client: Singita
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Sector: Hospitality

Faru Faru lodge is a partially tented camp set within Singita’s private reserve in northern Tanzania. Inspired by the hard exoskeleton of insects, the main lodge is a protective roof, a strong armour-like carapace providing form and shelter to the areas below.

Supported on a series of over-scaled laminated timber portals, the new building curves organically around a natural waterhole. The portals are slanted, creating a canted structure that splays out into the landscape, and the skeleton frame is wrapped with an outer layer of overlapping timber shingles. The roof eaves are terminated unevenly between the bays of portals to create varying edges that frame the views and reflect the random order of nature. The structure creates a generous shaded and sheltered space which is completely open to the exterior.

Below the expansive roof, the living areas are defined by rambling rock walls which gently demarcate the various spaces, allowing them to flow easily into one another and spill out into the landscape. As a counterpoint to the organic informality of the main structure, frameless glass sliding walls enclose the dining room and a separate lounge area, creating bug-proofed and temperature-controlled places of retreat.

All aspects of the new building were required to satisfy the principles of the sustainability framework established by One Planet Living, which has been adopted by Singita for all projects, and all building components were sourced locally. All timber is FSC-approved and the timber components, including the structural frame and the shingles, were crafted by a timber specialist from the local town of Arusha.

With spaces defined by the simple portal rhythm and enveloping local stone, the quality of the building is magical and poetic, capturing the sense of relaxed luxury that defines the Singita brand.


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